Patient Participation Group

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) at Southall Medical Centre is a group of the practice’s patients and carers who meet regularly with the doctors and the Practice Manager, in person or virtually.

The group’s aim is to foster cooperation and communication between the doctors and patients and help the Practice to improve and develop, thus enhancing the overall health of patients.

The group meets quarterly, 4 times a year. Membership is open to all patients of the Practice and their carers, and to all Practice staff. If you would like to join the group, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

We are keen to recruit more patients to our PPG, even if you are unable to commit to attending meetings, you can contribute by sending us your thoughts on the PPG actions. Simply get in touch via the form below if you would like to contribute.

The group contributes to the Practice in a variety of ways, such as maintaining the patient noticeboards, speaking with patients in the waiting area, helping the Practice to improve access to patients and providing a think-tank for new innovations for the Practice.

The group’s current chair is Mr Surinder Sharma, who can be contacted by leaving a message with reception.